Get Paid $0.52 to Buy Deodorant From Walgreens?! Week 2 of 10 Stockpile Challenge

This week, you're in for a treat. At Walgreens, you'll get deodorant (for you and bae), toilet paper/paper towels, resealable bags, and toothpaste for $10!

Here's a list of the apps mentioned in this post:

Walgreens Breakdown- $10.02

Scott Paper Towels or Toilet Paper $3.75

Now I have to admit... I'm not a huge fan on their paper towels. They're thin and the rolls are small. The toilet paper is definitely a win for me! And for $3.75?! It's a good deal, especially for your emergency stockpile. This is a digital coupon that you can find under "Households."

Crest Toothpaste $1

Yes, we could get 2 of these for free, but if you're just getting started off with couponing, it could be a little confusing (and intimidating). So we'll keep it simple with this one! This $2 off coupon is also a digital coupon that can be found under "Personal Care".

Nice! Resealable Bags 3/$2.79

No coupon needed for these! I love when Walgreens has this deal because there's a variety of sizes to choose from, and they're quality bags! I usually gravitate towards the Freezer Quart Sized Bags because I like to buy meat in bulk sizes and separate it using the freezer bags. The meat stays fresh with no freezer burns!!

Speed Stick & Lady Speed Stick $2.48 (Plus $3 On Your Next Visit)

This deal is a bit more complex, so stay with me sis. You'll want to grab (1) Speed Stick & (1) Lady Speedy stick BECAUSE THERE'S A $1 OFF COUPON FOR BOTH OF THEM. YES!! So let's do the math. The price of (1) is $2.99, but they're BOGO half off!

So... $2.99 + $1.49= $4.48

Now... subtracting $1 off of both of them would bring your total out-of-pocket cost for these two items to $2.48. BUT... you also get 3,000 points back when you buy 2!! This is equivalent to $3, and it can be used on your next visit.

$2.48 out of pocket + $3 in free cash on your next visit means that the store is paying you $0.52 to take advantage of this deal!!

NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT *insert ugly laugh*

When you get to checkout, your total should be $10.02 plus taxes, and when you get your receipt you'll notice that 3,000 points has been added to your membership (I'll tell you how to redeem them on the next Walgreens breakdown)!

For additional savings, scan your receipts to iBotta & Fetch Rewards!!

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