Coupon Your Emergency Stockpile

"Stay ready so you don't have to get ready." Well... so far, the ongoing pandemic has showed the majority of us how unprepared we really are for emergencies. We've been forewarned by Pandemic Specialists that the second wave of Covid-19 (this winter) could be more serious than the first outbreak.

Look, sis. Even without Covid-19, the winter season tears me up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • 2017: Influenza A.

  • 2018: Pneumonia.

  • 2019: The doctors couldn't figure it out, but it was bad.

So... let's "Stay Ready." Over the next 10 weeks, I'll show you how to coupon and receive cash back on a variety of items for your emergency stockpile! I'll provide instructions, breakdowns, and direct links to help you with finding stockpile essentials. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for post updates!

Get a head start on our 10 Week Challenge!!

There are 4 apps that you'll need to save the most money!


You'll need an account with Walgreens to scope out the Weekly Ads and download digital coupons! Walgreens also uses an in-store cash back and point system (Don't worry, I'll explain that later).

Dollar General

You'll also need an account with Dollar General to download digital coupons. On Saturdays, they offer an additional $5 off $25 (before coupons are applied) to maximize savings!


Use my referral link

or Referral Code "hxwdber"

Ibotta has over 500+ offers at your favorite stores. You simply add the offer on the app, purchase the product associated with the offer, and take a picture of your receipt through Ibotta. Once you collect a minimum of $20 in offers, you can cash them out for gift cards or to your Venmo account (if you'd like actual cash)!

Fetch Rewards

Use my referral code "MTKFM" during sign up for 2,000 points (equal to $2) when you scan your first receipt!

Fetch rewards has the same concept as Ibotta, except you don't have to manually add the offers! Simply scan your receipt and you'll receive points. I love Fetch Rewards because it's easy, and you can cash out as soon as you reach 3,000 points (equal to $3) for digital gift cards to stores like Amazon, Target, and Ulta!

Also, you can print out paper coupons for free at Occasionally, I will provide a Bonus Coupon Breakdown for those who become addicted to couponing, like me! These printed coupons can be used at places like Walmart and Dollar Tree.

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