Body Wash & Dish Soap Stock Up for $7.49- Week 6 Stockpile Challenge

It’s a soap sale! 🥳 Load your coupons up and get ready for savings madness at the Dollar General this Saturday (9/12)!

DG Breakdown- $7.96+ tax!

TWO Old Spice Body Wash for the price of ONE!

Original Price: 2/$11.00

Buy 2 of the same OR Mix & Match! Another TWO for the price of ONE deal!

Original Price: 2/$6.00

This isn’t as luxurious as the Old Spice Body Wash, but it will be great as a backup body wash! Lots of different scents for women, men, and kids! Original Price: $2.00

We swap our toothbrushes out monthly and every time someone get sick! You can never have too many toothbrushes!! Original Price: $2.00

Something to throw in your purse! The Tropical Twist Trident reminds me of my teenage years 😊

Original Price: 2/$2.20

These are great for travel toiletries!!

Original Price: $3.00

...and of course the KING coupon on Saturdays 🥳

Please keep in mind that prices vary based on location, but I pull my pricing directly from the Dollar General website! Before coupons, your total should equal $26.20! After manufacturer and store coupons, your total will be $7.96 plus taxes!! Don’t forget to scan your receipt to Fetch Rewards!!

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