9 Items for 98¢!! Week 5 of 10 Stockpile Challenge

If you’ve been following my previous posts, then you know that this week we’re getting a lot of stuff for a little bit of nothin’!! In total, we have about 4,000 Balance Reward Points and $6 in Register Rewards to use for this week. There are so many great deals this week ranging from school supplies, cereal, toothpaste, laundry supplies, etc. I will post a breakdown of what I’ll be buying personally, but I would love for you to take advantage of the deals that fit your household! After all, you are a couponing expert, right?

The apps that we’ll be using this week are:

  • Walgreens

  • Fetch Rewards

Walgreens Breakdown- 98¢!!

Buy 1 Get 2 Free Arm & Hammer Laundry Supples $5.99

This is definitely one of my top 5 favorite deals from Walgreens!! This deal is actually 3/$6.99, however, there’s a $1 off digital coupon for Arm & Hammer detergent!! Be sure to clip it!!

99¢ Paper Plates or Aluminum Foil

I usually grab the paper plates to do crafts with Melo! These are fun to paint on! They’re a bit too flimsy for eating. I’m personally not a fan of the Walgreens brand foil, it’s way too thin (and you could grab the Reynolds brand at the Dollar Tree for the same price). Make sure to clip this offer too (it's not automatically marked down).

49¢ Back To School Supplies

I‘m a stationery freak, and this is the time when I stock up on writing utensils and paper! There’s a variety of supplies that’s only 49¢, so I’ll probably grab 4 items for a total of $1.96!!

$1.99 Post or Quaker Cereal

No explanation needed, y’all know Cap N’ Crunch is the best cereal!!

Welp, that’s all folks! Again, this is what I will be purchasing this week, but feel free to spend your free $10 however you please!! If you’re following my breakdown, your total should be $10.98 plus tax. After using $6 in Register Rewards & 4,000 Balance Reward Points, your out of pocket will only be 98¢ plus tax!!!

Don’t forget to scan your receipt to Fetch Rewards!!

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